2014 Review of DDLC/Groove Merchant Showcase



Multi – Cultural Fusion of Arts

Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble Celebrates 10 Years with performance at Open Arts Stage in Bordentown.

By Zach Lichtmann  Nov. 15, 2014

Author of Dynamo


The deep-rooted inclination of our species to harmonize our collective foot-tapping and head-bobbing to the rhythms of the music around us, especially when that music is accompanied by the vibrant theatrical elements of dance, transcends cultural differences and unifies us. In an era where students sit next to one another and silently text instead of looking into each other's eyes, a powerful live performance can focus our collective vision in a way few other experiences can. This is beyond the typical all-eyes-front-and-center daze that we find ourselves in at the movie theater; this is an awakening of our... (READ MORE) 2014GrooveMerchantReview.pdf

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About Groove Merchant Drum & Dance ensemble

Our earthy roots music has been described as Bedouin Funk. The New Jersey based group’s repertoire includes original compositions that dig deeply into ethnic roots music as well as offering a tasteful blend of traditional music.  Groove Merchant’s nomadic inspirations are... READ MORE

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