Behind the Scenes TRACK 8 Avalon from Groove Merchant's Debut CD "Dansa"

Check out this interview with Groove Merchant members, Donna Sullivan and Ed Ashton about why they enjoy performing "Avalon" from our debut CD 'Dansa". 



Here is a video glimpse of powerhouse Track 8, Avalon composed and choreographed in 2010. This performance at the Austin Belly Dance Convention was part of our 2011 tour.  

Avalon was the beginning of Groove Merchant integrating overlaying finger cymbal patterns and the call and response element between drummers and dancers playing.  People always say it looks like you guys are having so much fun when you perform.  The truth is, we really are!

Excerpt from Bio

Groove Merchant is much more than drummers who play while dancers dance.  A large portion of the group’s repertoire integrates musical arrangements played by dancers and drummers alike.  There are blurred lines between dance corps and musicians.  “We all cross train musically”, says Dave Merritt, Groove Merchant’s co-director.  “In addition to making the music visual, the dancers play integral arrangements on finger cymbals and various instruments that complete the compositions.  We have some straight up percussion pieces but honestly the energy is highest and feels best when were all on stage together.” 



November 01, 2016 @11:49 pm
Hey Ann! Thank you for your feedback, it is very much appreciated. Glad to hear you are enjoting hanging out with us (virtually :) Feel free to share the link to the free download with anyone you think may enjoy it. Kim Leary
November 01, 2016 @06:47 pm
first, thank you for the free download of Rahat. I enjoyed watching the group dance,their enthusiasim, costumes and talent! Really like the music too. Ann Sizemore

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